Nitric Oxide: Will It Help You Lose Weight & Burn Fat


Nitric oxide is one of the most sought after and popular subjects to obtain dream bodies, toned figures and help weight loss at a progressive rate.

This particle is also known by its acronym N.O. and we will accompany you to know the reality of its use and its current effects.

This supplement has gained a great power of relevance in the construction of muscle tone, not being a new invention but the specialization of a natural element that we possess internally.

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Nitric Oxide

There are many forms, names and adaptations that have been adjusted to Nitric Oxide, where many users confuse it with other elements such as Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).

But it is generally identified with a molecule that is naturally found in the human body through stimuli.

Some of them were proven by science in the 70s, where a study found a relationship of certain nitrates able to work as a treatment for chest pains.

These had a nitrogen monoxide releasing charge and blood vessel dilating effects.

From where one of the main theories focuses on the creation of toning by its induction in relation to the muscle layer.

So how does it help the athletic work of the body? Based on its action as a protector of internal molecules.

It was not until the 90s that it was founded that the particle acted as a neurotransmitter and had important brain activity.

This through the amino acid known as arginine, an excellent fat remover.

Nitric Oxide Benefits

The main points in favor of Nitric Oxide have focused on its ability to enhance male erection as the principle of the foundation.

What would be developed to be applied to new fields of training and high-level physical performance in general.

This is possible thanks to the mentioned L-arginine, which is in charge of improving the capacity to recover the muscular bases.

It also increases the recovery process, endurance, fat burning and improves blood flow in the muscles.

Added to this is its ability to increase the blood flow present in the person, thus improving the flow of oxygen to the muscle area.

This makes it possible to create toned bodies based on high-demand physical training processes without complications.

In addition, the impulse resource allows the elimination of ammonia in the body, specifically in the tissues, which generates changes in the speed of the individual.

Yet it is not only applicable to avoid fatigue and prolong the time of demand in all fields of training, but also provides a noticeable growth in strength and endurance capacity.

So it is increasingly common to find it present in the physical preparation of competitors and top athletes.

Because it becomes an incredible offer with an incredible set of opportunities to prepare and get results in perfectly moldable bodies.

Since the muscles will remain swollen with Nitric Oxide sessions due to the increased blood flow.

More benefits of Nitric Oxide

  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Reduces cholesterol levels.
  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  • Has neurotransmitter and antioxidant effect.
  • Improves sleep quality.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Fights against cancer cells.
  • Improves the distribution of nutrients and vitamins in the body.
  • Improves cardiac problems.
  • Helps to expand muscle fiber.
  • Increases cardiovascular endurance.

Side Effects

All the benefits applied to Nitric Oxide have a control measured by health professionals in order not to harm the physical development of beginners and athletes.

It is important to know in order to have a better control of the use, since the damages appear when large doses are uncontrolled.

To what is invited to have the proper control in quantity and frequency of use.

Knowing already the power of preparation and direct impact it has on health, on the body and its parts.

Remembering that it should not be a repeated process and with much prolongation in its use, since it exceeds the use of the impulse.


The use of the N.O. counts with a probability to exert changes in the tension of its user, so if you have problems with lows it is better to stay away from it.

Since this remedy can increase the effect and further decrease the numbers.

Accelerates aging

Excessive handling of this source can cause direct damage to the cells of the organism, thus creating irreparable damage to their health.

Therefore, the radical handling of this particle generates an aging effect on the cells and the body in general.

The only applicable treatment at this time is the application of antioxidants in the new diet.

Digestive problems

One of the most notorious effects after the treatment are the digestive changes and shocks generated by the resounding impact on the body.

If you undergo these periods, it is best to take all possible precautions.

Headaches, dizziness, tachycardia.

The use of molecules creates a decompensation that generates headaches and more striking symptoms for the body.

So it is always recommended having the check-up and authorization of a specialized doctor to proceed with the treatment and routines without problems.

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