How to Make Head Cheese Without Head Meat



Are you a Head Cheese lover? Learn all the facts and methods to prepare it in your kitchen that you can’t miss.

This part is originally elaborated with the meat of the pig’s head, although it also has other parts such as the dorsal fat, tongue and skin.

So it is not considered a dairy product but a pork aspic.

Undoubtedly, this name causes many questions in people who hear it for the first time, since it even has another name in other countries, perhaps a little more attractive to the market and the consumer.

This appropriation was made in the United States and has become an important part of many dishes.

To such an extent that it already has different variants such as: Souse, Sulz or Pennsylvania Scrapple.

All of them have the same principle but with some changes for greater variety.

Facts about Head Cheese

Within the kitchen there are many unknown facts about the applications of the pig’s head.

This is one of the less common parts in many places but with great flavor and applications in others.

The main one was to turn this part of the pig into head cheese and thus make the most of the cuts in the animal.

In spite of what its name indicates, it is not really a cheese, it is only one of the appropriations that was given to it over the years.

Actually the head cheese, thigh or souse is gelatinous meat that may or may not be stuffed into a large diameter casing.

As a comparison, pork cheeks have a similar structure to bacon, although they are a bit tougher, as they contain more collagen.

This collagen helps produce the gelatin that will become jelly. Another cut that helps produce a lot of jelly is pork knuckles.

How to create Meatless Head Cheese?

For lovers of this type of cuts we regret to inform you that it is increasingly difficult to find them.

But if we can make certain alternatives to recreate this part of meat and create good dishes from that.

New cuts of meat

The main answer focuses on finding new meat parts and pieces with which to replace head parts such as pork parts.

These make them much easier to source and prepare more frequently.

Since the original piece is not found in all markets around the world.

New versions of the dish

This name perhaps surprises many or is already common for others, but the truth is that it is more likely than it seems to have been prepared without knowing it.

Perhaps under a more appropriate name such as “pork jelly” or through other preparations in the kitchen.

Such as soup with beef, pork or chicken bones are variants for head cheese.

Even fish heads, bones and fins can produce a jelly if little water is used.

And that is the reason why such soups do not end up turning into jelly, and that is the excess of water in it.

In some countries, the presence of this type of sausages prepared with soups and additional vegetables manages to emulate the function of the head cheese without having to resort to the meat of that part exactly.

In this way they manage to concentrate the flavor fragments in many dishes accompanied by an additional fragment.

Many of them resort to the legs generally or even those who dare to try it with the heart.

The options around the world will be different, but where you can implement the imagination to continue with this dish loved by many.

You will be able to notice the difference, but we recommend serving it cold, adding vinegar or lemon juice, if it is not incorporated in the manufacturing process, and you can continue to enjoy it!

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