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Welcome to the 100 grams to cup guide that explains the conversion from 100 grams to cups. keep reading and find out how much is 100g to cups

Read on and learn how to convert 100 grams of different ingredients into a regular US cup.

Using weight-to-volume conversion formulas, I did all the conversion exercises myself and created some charts for easy use in the home kitchen.

100 grams in a cup and how much is an ounce?

In the kitchen, recipes sometimes call for grams of an ingredient. A gram is part of the metric system and measures the weight of an object. Sometimes all you have is measuring cups and measuring spoons that don’t have a cooking scale in grams.

To convert 100g to a cup, you can simply use 2/5 of a cup instead (assuming the ingredient is water). This way, you can use your existing measuring cup for the recipe you plan to make. To convert grams to cups, we can take the number of grams and divide by 237. So 100g divided by 237 is about 2/5 cups.

Some measuring cups and measuring spoons also display cooking measurements in ounces. To convert 100 g to oz, you can use 3 1/2 oz instead. To convert grams to oz, you divide the number of grams by 28.35. So 100g divided by 28.35 is about 3 1/2 oz.

Remember that the conversion from grams to cups depends on the type of ingredient. For flour, you divide grams by 125. For sugar, you divide grams by 201. For butter, you divide grams by 227. You can select ingredients at the top of this page to see how grams are converted to cups and ounces for the selected ingredient.

How to convert 100 grams to cups

Converting grams to cups is not easy. The gram as a unit of weight comes from the metric system, and the cup is a unit of volume.

The conversion of weight to volume for different components with their densities is complex.

That’s why I created a detailed conversion chart for the most common cooking ingredients.

Measurements are in US grams and cups. Cups are abbreviated as “c” and rounded to two decimal places; gram is abbreviated as “g”.

All measurements are given for a flat cup (and not a full or slightly full cup).

How many cups are there?

1 cup cake flour equals 100 grams.

How many cups of 100 grams of flour are there?

100 grams of white flour equals to 8 cups. Here is the conversion chart of other powders.

100 grams of sugar how many cups?

100 grams of white granulated sugar equals ½ cup. Here is the chart to convert 100g of other sugars to cups.


How many cups of 100 grams of honey are there? 100 grams of honey equals 0.29 cups.

100 grams of butter in a cup

100 grams of butter how many cups? 100 grams of butter equals 0.44 cups. Find other types of fat in the conversion chart below.

100 grams of milk in a cup

100 grams of milk how many cups? 100 grams of milk equals 0.41 cups.

Fruits and seeds

How many cups of 100 grams of shredded coconut are there? 100 grams of grated coconut equals 1.08 cups (about 1 cup).

Sourdough and small measuring ingredients

100 g of baking soda makes how many cups? 100 grams of baking soda equals 0

45 cups.

Other ingredients

100 grams of rice have how many cups? 100 grams of short round white rice is ½ cup.

This is a 100 gram to cup conversion list for different types of rice and different ingredients.

Ingredients 100 grams (g)

Basmati rice 0.51 cup

Dry bread crumbs 1 cup

Medium grain brown rice 0.53 cups

French fries 0.63 cups

Cream cheese 0.42 cups

Milk flour 0.78 cups

Rolled oats 1.11 cups

Long white rice 0.54 cups

Medium grain white rice 0.51 cups

Short round white rice 0.5 cups

Wild rice 0.63 cups

Yogurt 0.4 cups


I hope this guide answers the question about 100g in a cup or 100g in a cup and how much is 100g in a cup.

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